Fernie and Sparwood election update

The preliminary results are in for the City of Fernie. The District of Sparwood has also released their advanced poll 2 results.

Preliminary polling results for the City of Fernie are in. Councillor Candidate Phil Iddon took the lead with 632 votes, followed closely by Joe Warshawsky with 604 votes. The primilinary results indicate Willard Ripley will not be taking a seat on council this term.

City of Fernie


Preliminary Results

Councillor Candidates


Phil Iddon                  632

Joe Warshawsky        604

Ange Qualizza            567

Jon Leveque               537

Dennis Shafer            535

Dan McSkimming      499

Willard Ripley           482


District of Sparwood

Advanced poll 2


Margaret McKie           35

Simon Senycz             18

Lois Halko                    3

Bobbie Saga                7

Sharon Fraser             32

Brad Bowen                35

Melanie Hutchinson      12

Peter Templin              38

Rose Sharma              14

Jenna Jensen              52

Joe Jarina                   41

John Baher                 46

Sonny Saad                34