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Fire breaks out above Sparwood

Mayor David Wilks reported it may be due to an exposed coal seam

A wildfire has broken out on the ridge to the southeast of Sparwood, above the Sparwood Golf Course.

In a Facebook post, District Mayor David Wilks said the fire was “near the top of the ridge, and is probably the result of an exposed coal seam.”

Wildfire B.C. is aware of the fire and The Sparwood Fire Department is currently monitoring the situation, but due to darkness (the fire was reported between 8:30pm and 9:00p.m.), no air reconnaissance can be done.

Sparwood residents reported the fire was spreading rapidly since it was first noticed, and noted the windy and dry conditions in the area. The fire is clearly visible through the smoke haze currently blanketing the Elk Valley.

The fire did not appear to be spreading down the hill towards the town.

The East Kootenay region of B.C. is currently under level two drought conditions, and much of B.C. and parts of Alberta have been under a haze of wildfire smoke from the United States over the past five days.

More to come…

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