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Firefighters action blaze at Canfor mill yard in Elko

Fire departments responded to an equipment fire on May 8
Elko and Baynes Lake Fire Departments extinguished a loader that had caught on fire (Photo courtesy of fire crew)

An equipment fire that started at the Canfor mill yard in Elko on May 8 has been put out.

Elko and Baynes Lake Fire Departments responded to a call from the yard on Wednesday evening, and when they arrived, they found a loader engulfed in flames.

“We were able to quickly isolate the fire to prevent it from spreading into nearby fuels in the yard,” stated Elk Valley and South Country Fire and Rescue Service chief Michael Hockley in an e-mail. “Once the flames were knocked back, our priority was ensuring the fire was fully extinguished and there were no hot spots remaining.”

There were nine firefighters, with three pieces of equipment, that responded to the blaze.

No injuries were reported.

“The equipment operator and other staff did a great job of following safety protocols and calling for assistance quickly,” added Hockley. “Their actions, combined with the quick response from our team, meant a big difference in the magnitude and potential of this call.”

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