Emma Dressler says words of thanks upon receiving the award. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

Emma Dressler says words of thanks upon receiving the award. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

George S. Majic Spiritus Award received by Fernie Heritage Library

The Fernie Heritage Library was recognized with the award via an online ceremony

This year’s George S. Majic Spiritus Award was awarded to the Fernie Heritage Library via a virtual ceremony held over Zoom on Nov. 10.

The George S Majic Spiritus Award is a designation offered to a resident, or in this case an organization who enhances Fernie through their selflessness, passion and commitment to the community.

Among those present at the event on Tuesday was Fernie’s mayor, Ange Qualizza, who opened the socially distant ceremony with a few remarks about the significance of the award, along with words of congratulations to the library staff.

“This award is designed to celebrate unsung heroes – people that just lean into the community and are doing it behind the scenes,” said Qualizza.

“The nominator (of the library) wrote, ‘We cannot think of anyone that has brought more smiles – more frequently, to so many people, all ages included – within the last six months than the staff and the volunteers at the Fernie Heritage Library’.”

Anne Majic followed, delivering a speech about the origins of the award and its pertinence to George S. Majic, a late Fernie lawyer who contributed greatly to the community through his involvement with city council, the school board, the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League, and more.

The event culminated with a speech from Emma Dressler, director of the Fernie Heritage Library, where she gave words of thanks and addressed the honour’s significance to the library’s staff.

“The important thing about the award is that it is awarded to people who are building community, who are helping to make the community of Fernie the most wonderful place… that’s what we’re about, every day that is what we are trying to do,” said Dressler.

“It’s quite an honour and it’s a wonderful honour that we don’t take lightly. On behalf of the library team, we really appreciate that we’ve had this recognition.”

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