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Kevin McIsaac to run for Fernie council

McIsaac is an incumbent councillor, having served since 2018 and previously from ‘08 to ‘11
Kevin McIsaac will run for another term on the Fernie city council at the October 15 elections in 2022. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Two-term Fernie councillor Kevin McIsaac has declared he intends to run again in the October elections.

Having served between 2008 and 2011, and since 2018, McIsaac has lived in Fernie since 1998 and said it has become his home town.

“I grew up in the military and we moved all of the time. Fernie is the first place that I’ve live for an extended period of time, so this has really become my home town, just 35 years later in life than would normally happen.”

McIsaac has previously been involved in the Arts Station and Hospital Foundation, and has had a role in various cultural events in Fernie over the years, most prominently as one of the co-founders and organisers of the Wapiti Music Festival.

A ‘computer guy’ by trade, McIsaac said his career had allowed him experience in project management, and a talent for understand complex systems which he said was pertinent for local government, and part of why locals should consider him for another term.

“We haven’t shied away in council from recognising the weak spots, whether it be finances or liquid waste. We’ve been very upfront with the community about the challenges being faced primarily due to long-term lack of investment in those areas,” he said.

“Bringing those to light and creating plans to resolve them for the long-term has been one of the highlights of this term for me.

“What it has revealed is there’s a lot of work left to do. There are some fairly big problems facing the community over the long term. They are not unresolvable, but having some experience and some confidence and demonstrated willingness to look those problems in the eye are valuable things to have on council.”

McIsaac said that he was proud of Fernie and wanted to be a part of it’s continue successes going forward.

“Every time I turn around there’s some new group who’s taking on a new challenge or opportunity – it’s very vibrant.”

The municipal elections will be held on October 15.

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