Letter thanking community for support

Last weekend, we were involved in an accident with our motorhome

  • Aug. 6, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Last weekend, we were involved in an accident with our motorhome. It ended up being written off, and we became stranded in your community for a few days. We want to thank a few people and businesses that went above and beyond to take care of us and our family.

We first went to thank the EMT’s that came out to the scene and attended to our injuries. Thank you for being so kind and for keeping us calm. Thank you for not leaving part of my family stranded on the highway and for staying until the police arrived. We wish we remembered your names, but we don’t. Thanks to the fabulous ER staff that attended to us quickly and made sure that we were okay. You made us laugh and kept us calm, and that was awesome. To the Stanford Hotel & Resort, your kindness will not be forgotten. You saw our weakness and shock, and helped us feel safe. Your staff went above and beyond with the loan of personal vehicles, and short-cuts to the pool. The upgraded room and the free nights were more than you needed to provide and we thank you for it. To Lori from Practicar Car Rentals – there are no words. You stepped in and stepped up in a huge way. Thank you for being our voice with our insurance company and for making sure that we were taken care of. We’re still a little bit in shock that you actually drove us ALL THE WAY HOME to Sherwood Park, and are so thankful that you did. You were our gift.

We hate that we were in the accident, but are so thankful that it happened where it did.

Congratulations Fernie – your residents truly made a difference in our lives. We cannot wait to return under better circumstances.

April and April Wiens

Sherwood Park, Alberta