Mayoral Candidates platforms

Fernie and Sparwood Mayoral Candidates Platforms

  • Nov. 17, 2011 3:00 p.m.


Cindy Corrigan

Fernie Mayoral Candidate

Experience and Continuity!

I will continue to work hard to ensure fair and equitable representation of all.

I am an active listener, hearing the concerns of the community, taking that information and being decisive.

People come here because of what we have – what Fernie is. This has been protected and enhanced by the plans we have in place.

I support development – balanced, controlled and directed in a healthy sustainable way.  A healthy community is made up of development, social and cultural programs, environmental and conservational issues, and leisure activities.  Council is tasked with all of this to ensure a well thought out and balanced community

I will continue to deal with the many other issues that arise – child care, train whistles, hospital OR’s, RCMP, Downtown late night issues and more.

I love this job, it is my passion.  The “future proofing” of this community is the most important part of this job.  This community has sustained my family for the last 100 years and I would love to be part of ensuring its sustainability for the next 100 years

I look forward to another 3 years with a team that will continue to move Fernie forward in a balanced way.

Mary Giuliano

Fernie Mayoral Candidate

I am about Community development, making Fernie a place where people want to come, live and raise families.

This means citizens that have their needs met, like jobs, a nice home, savings, recreation opportunities, excellent health care, decent roads and clean water.

It means keeping our Library, Museum,  Arts Station, Aquatic Centre and Arena open while providing services like windrow clearing, snow removal, curb collection and recycling.

Fernie is no longer just about mining and forestry. It is a sophisticated, knowledgeable town due to advanced technology and the people who call Fernie home. This diversity enriches our town.

Fernie will never lose its character, become overdeveloped or lose the incredible wilderness surrounding it because people understand the value of keeping it for future generations.

Residents can continue to nourish this town by holding regular meetings where they can choose topics for open dialogue with Council.

I am not a one issue candidate.

I am told that I am too nice, but being nice helps me get things done for my community.

Every decision I made has been fair representation for all because I am not supported by any special interest groups.

And this is a record I am proud to continue if elected.

Bev Bellina

Sparwood Mayoral Candidate

Public consultation is really important to me and I believe is the basis of successful community and local government relationships.  My first valuable lesson in public consultation was when I was first elected to town council in 1995.  The burning issue at the time was the debate over a selected landfill site.  I studied a huge amount of background material provided to our new council prior to the night of our vote.  At 2:30 am on the day of the vote I suddenly became very aware of what was wrong.  We were voting on acceptance or rejection of a specific site in the valley, and I realized it was much bigger than that. The site was not the issue.  Early in the process the public had not been included in the consultation portion of the process, and all the appropriate parties necessary for the decision-making had not been invited to the table to give their input.   I voted no, not to the site selection – but to the flawed process.  I have never made any decision without consulting others.  I have been know to solicit their input if I haven’t received it.  I also consider how my decision (vote) will impact all stakeholders, and what precedent it will make for the future.

Lois Halko

Sparwood Mayoral Candidate

During my career as a Public Health Nurse, I found great satisfaction in serving the public. I discovered a similar kind of fulfillment in my role as a Councillor. I feel energized from serving our community and I want to continue serving the public as Mayor. During the past three years, I have been active in our local municipal government. I have experienced and been fully engaged in the governance of the District of Sparwood, by not only participating in Council meetings, but by making myself available to attend important conferences and events that occur almost on a weekly basis. As mayor, I would obtain feedback from residents regarding issues and concerns, maintain fiscal responsibility by accessing better value for taxes paid, address community development and long term planning, work towards a long term senior care facility, and assist in the expansion of industrial land to meet the current need.

Sparwood is presently experiencing significant economic development. The office of the Mayor requires a dedication of time to represent the public will, to establish priorities and set direction, to liaise with staff, Council members and business partners and to communicate with the public. I offer availability, accountability and commitment.


Peter Templin

Sparwood Mayoral Candidate

I am now in the last week of my campaign to be Sparwood’s next Mayor. It has been a busy exciting time and I have had the opportunity to speak to many residents. I want the residents of Sparwood to know I am committed to Sparwood. I will be a mayor who participates and makes municipal business a priority. I understand how Sparwood runs. Not only how our roads are serviced and where our water comes from but how our service clubs support us and the struggles small businesses face in our community. I recognize the different needs that seniors , families and youth have. I have worked in mining and understand the challenges of shift work. I use the Rec Center,the curling club, the golf course and I walk on the trails. This gives me a broader understanding of these community resources when it comes to making decisions regarding them. I understand teamwork and I believe that is what is nessecary for council to work well. I have the energy and commitment to improve our community. I will always be willing to take a stand . Im asking that you vote for me on November 19.