Kootenay-Columbia MP Green Party candidate Bill Green.

Kootenay-Columbia MP Green Party candidate Bill Green.

Meet your candidates – Bill Green

Bill Green hopes to lead the Green Party to victory in this year’s election.

After running in the 2011 federal election and trailing behind NDP leader Wayne Stetski and current MP David Wilks, Bill Green hopes to lead the Green Party to victory in this year’s election.

Following his announcement to run for the 2015 federal election in mid-March, Green has been travelling throughout the riding to introduce himself to his constituents and discuss the Green Party’s platform.

“I think people enjoy meeting candidates and to see them face-to-face, they get a picture of what they look like,” Green said about why he elects to go door knocking in communities across the riding. “We’ve been actively campaigning and I’m happy with the progress we’re making. Overall, we’re really encouraged with the feedback we’re getting.”

Green’s main focus as Kootenay-Columbia MP candidate is to build a green, resilient economy — an economy that begins with our future generation.

“How do we create jobs in our smaller communities so that our children who want to can continue to live and work in these areas?” the candidate questioned. “That’s a big challenge in a lot of communities.”

The Green Party candidate also expressed concerns in regards to the country’s current health care system, asking, “How do we support and move towards and encourage people to live healthier and active lifestyles?”

It is these, among other questions, that Green hopes to address if he is elected as MP in the riding.

In addition, Green has been discussing First Nation reconsolidation with the public in recent months, with the goal of reinventing Canada by working with the First Nations people.

“I’m really surprised and impressed that a lot of people want to talk to me about that in a very positive way,” Green admitted.

The MP candidates future campaign efforts including visiting Fernie in early August and taking part in the annual Wapiti Music Festival.