Owner, Florence Desrochers, stands by her new menu. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

Owner, Florence Desrochers, stands by her new menu. (Soranne Floarea/ The Free Press)

Mugshots Cafe: now open six days a week

Slowly but surely, the local cafe is gaining popularity within the community

A little over a month after reopening under new ownership, Mugshots Cafe is busy selling coffees, sandwiches and omelettes; surrounded by pink walls and offering a revised menu, the space is breathing fresh air, while still maintaining some aspects that pay homage to the Mugshots Fernie-ites knew and loved.

New owner, Florence Desrochers, has been blown away by the community’s support.

“It’s been so good, from day one people were here,” said Desrochers, who added she was excited to be developing meaningful relationships with the Fernie business community.

“Other business owners have been coming here and introducing themselves, we get chatting, and they make me feel a part of this group of business owners. I feel really welcome.”

Desrochers said the menu was still being tweaked, but there were plenty of favourites and more new offerings to choose from.

“We’ve been making a lot of changes – it’s a work in progress – the menu will always change a little bit, but we’re local-oriented” said Desrochers.

Desrochers hopes the cafe will eventually become more than just a restaurant, but rather a community hub where groups can host social events inside its open and large interior.

“We’ve been talking about having special events happening at night sometimes,” said Desrochers.

“I’m really open if anyone wants to have a partnership. I have this space, and if it could be useful to the community I would be happy to provide it in different ways – but it all depends, because of Covid we have to see what we’re allowed to do.”

At the moment, the cafe is open Tuesday to Friday, 7 a.m. until 3 p.m., and weekends from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., however Desrochers hopes to be operating seven days a week in the near future.

For updates on events, hours and offerings, visit Mugshots Cafe’s new Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @mugshots_fernie.


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