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Music and art collide in Fernie exhibit

Local artist Troy Cook is the creator of an exhibit inspired by music
Fernie artist Troy Cook has blended music with art for his latest exhibition at the Fernie Museum. (Contributed)

Local artist Troy Cook’s latest art exhibit will be one of exploration, with pieces on display the Fernie Museum inspired by music and the connections it makes to moments of time in our lives.

Cook said that each piece by him that will be on display at the museum in July and August was made while listening to music that inspired him to paint, or has a connection to travelling and experiences in life.

“It’s more of an acknowledgement of those two things I’ve never really explored before,” he said, explaining that music can have a connection with a time or a place for the listener.

“A lot of these songs are things I would have had on my headphones when I was travelling.”

In a departure from a typical art exhibition, visitors to the exhibit can listen to the music as well, with a Spotify list to go along with the two-month exhibition.

“People can wander around listening to the music while they check out the art,” he said, adding that the exhibit could also act as a great way to introduce people to some new music as well.

Featuring Cook’s trademark bold and bright colours and blending lifelike and surreal styles, the paintings are built around lyrics and his own relationship to their meaning and influence, with some pieces created only while listening to a song.

“It wasn’t hard to find stuff I wanted to say - it’s all there.”

And there’s a lot said; Cook has created upwards of three dozen pieces for the exhibit.

“It’s something that’s always been a part of what I do - but when I’m painting I get transposed somewhere else. I’m not thinking about anything but the painting and getting into building something that makes me happy.

“It’s a huge reward to be able to sit all day and work on a canvass and be able to show it to people and they love it and want it … It’s a super rewarding process for me.

The exhibit, titled ‘Night rambles in shadows with liquor store blues’ will be on display at the Fernie Museum for two months starting on July 1, with admission through the museum.

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