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New ping pong table a Youth Action Sparwood initiative

The new table was installed at the Sparwood Recreation Centre last week

Folks in Sparwood have an all-new outdoor amenity to enjoy at the district’s leisure centre, with a new ping pong table installed last week.

The table was created and installed thanks to the initiative of the teens of Youth Action Sparwood and teenagers in the community that engaged with the recreational master plan for the district to ask for more outdoor resources.

The custom ping pong table was designed by local concrete artisan AJ Wolfe, and purchased with funds from the Basin Youth Network and Columbia Basin Trust.

Teens on the Sparwood Youth Advisory Commission said it was a big win for youth empowerment in the district, and showed that young people were listened to.

One of the commissioners, Kally Campbell said that the table was installed because of youth who made their voices heard.

“I was fortunate enough to work alongside Youth Action Sparwood (YAS) to make that into a reality. YAS has created so many great programs and opportunities for teens and there are many more yet to come. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an awesome organization that does so much for the youth in our community,” she said.

Another commissioner, Sage Charest said that YAS made her feel like an important member of the Sparwood community.

“I love giving my input on how we can improve Sparwood for teens. YAS helps bring our ideas to life and makes Sparwood a teen-friendly place to live.”

Ethan Bruce said the same, adding that YAS was working to get teens involved and engaged more often.

“I was recently at the recreation centre and I’m so excited to see the teens using it! I hope as a whole, YAS will be able to get more info and funding towards things teens would like to see, so YAS can continue their progress on making this community a teen-positive environment.”

Neveah Kerkhoven said it was cool that something teens had thought up was now a reality.

“YAS gives teens a voice and offers so many opportunities to the youth in our community. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a positive organization and I look forward to what’s next!”

Those keen to use the new ping pong table will find it outside the Sparwood Leisure Centre. Ping pong paddles and balls are available to borrow from the rec desk, or users are welcome to bring their own equipment. Get practicing!

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