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Precious Metals Roadshow coming to Elkford and Sparwood

Elkford and Sparwood will host a precious metal roadshow this weekend.

TC Precious Metals will be in Elkford during a roadshow making its way through south-east British Columbia.  You can bring your gold, silver, coins and bank notes to the Elkford Community Conference Centre Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Then in Sparwood Saturday - Sunday at the Causeway Bay Hotel 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.   No appointment is required.  Terry Burrill is President of TC Precious Metals headquartered in Airdrie, Alta.

“TC Precious Metals has the unique advantage of dealing direct with a smelter” said Burrill.  “That allows us to cut out middlemen and have higher payout rates.  TC Precious Metals purchases gold and silver from other gold buyers, pawn shops, jewellers and jewellery makers as well as from the general public.”  Recent price increases of precious metals have created lots of “gold buyers” including mail-in companies.  Many of those buyers offer pennies on the dollar to unsuspecting customers and are limited to what they buy, choosing to ignore silver and coins and only purchase gold.

TC Precious Metals analyzes your gold, silver, coins and bank notes while you watch, with the process explained to you in detail.  Coins with numismatic (collectable) value are set aside from those with a ‘melt’ value.  Silver items such as jewellery and flatware are analyzed for hallmark identification.  Items thought to contain gold will also be analyzed for hallmarks, and then confirmed using precise testing that is done while you watch.  Then a cash offer is made and you decide to sell or not.

Burrill takes the roadshow out one or two times a month across Western Canada.

“People bring in all kinds of interesting items, but for the most part it is a broken or old chain, unloved jewellery, a single earring, and out of style fashion items like charm bracelets.  We accept dental gold but it should be clean.  Lately I see more and more silver flatware sets, but before you bring those in make sure it says “Sterling” on the handle.  There is a lot of silver plated flatware that we can’t buy due to the low silver content” he said.  Another valuable item is coin with silver content.  Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars from Canada and America can be sorted and the silver content determined in no time at all.  People are encouraged to bring in any and all coins for assessment.

TC Precious Metals can assess and purchase Canadian and Dominion of Canada bank notes.  Burrill has extensive experience working with estate sales, executors, widows and widowers in a respectful and caring manner.  No appointment necessary.