Q&A with the Sparwood Candidates

Questions for the Mayoral candidates and Councillor candidates of Sparwood

  • Nov. 10, 2011 6:00 p.m.


What leadership skills do you have to provide the guidance and direction required to ensure staff are fulfilling the mandate of your council?

Bev Bellina

Mayoral Candidate

The leadership skills I have to ensure staff are not running the District are years of experience on boards and understanding the role of every party at the table.  I have formal leadership training as well.  Staff have specific duties – and they report to Council.  They do not run meetings, make motions or run Council.  They do advise council and provide Council with all the pertinent information Council requires to make decisions. Staff serve council. They do not run the Council. If Council feels they are losing control they have to be united and firm and bring staff back on line. Staff works for the citizens, through us, and we are accountable to those who voted us into office.



Lois Halko

Mayoral Candidate

My career in Public Health Nursing has provided me with ample opportunity to develop leadership skills necessary to provide guidance and direction. As a public servant for 29 years in this community, I have been in daily contact with the public, advising them in a candid and honest manner in regard to health matters. My role included the requirement to have a listening ear, being open and encouraging consultation. I am a collaborator and use opinion, research and facts in trying to find the best solutions for everyone. These skills are uniquely suited to the requirements of a mayor!




Peter Templin

Mayoral Candidate

Coaching youth taught me how best to lead . My years on council gave me opportunities to watch other people lead and to lead committees myself. To lead you need the respect of those you are leading.To attain this you are honest and trustworthy. You respect staff ,council and residents. You make decisions when you have all of the information to make the best decision. Other times you acknowledge the expertise of the people you are working with exceeds your own and follow. I believe that knowledge, values and commitment to Sparwood make me a good and capable leader.






What leadership skills do you have to provide the guidance and direction required to ensure staff are fulfilling the mandate of your council?

Hungry Baytauluke

Councillor Candidate

I think that I can bring some common sense and the ability to analyze a situation logically and unbiased.

Hopefully, this would also provide the guidance and direction to senior staff with the clarity necessary to avoid the perception of staff running the District.

Staff plays a vital role as a tool for council in getting all necessary information from both sides of an issue to make a well informed, transparent and accountable decision that is supported by the backup information provided.



Sharon Fraser

Councillor Candidate


In answer to your question which was What Leadership skills do you have to provide the guidance and direction required by senior staff to ensure staff are not running the District but are fulfilling the mandate of council, my reply is very simple and straight to the point… The Community Charter has clearly stated that Council as a body, sets direction for the district by bylaw or by a resolution. Individual council members are not responsible for giving instructions to the staff. Leadership skills come in to play at the council table, when debating a question and having to determine what policies and bylaws council wants to implement.



Paul Hebert

Councillor Candidate

Hard to answer in under 100 words, but here is what i can say about the key to any successful operations. To be clear on objectives, to be clear in communications, and to always keep acountablilty to those who are the leadership or management personnel.

I believe that I have the skills to be fair, and truthful.  I can take the time to listen and react accordingly, and firm enough to keep things right.  I’ve learnt through my experience that managers are to be more accountable for their staff and actions.

One last thing is that even if I disagree with a certain agenda, and yet I was a minority in a decision, I would fully support my peers and work with them and not against.


Andy MacIntyre

Councillor Candidate

Every season of professional hockey I was signed because I was a proven successful team leader. I always lead by example, never wavering from team goals, doing extra to ensure success and by having exceptional people skills that built relationships amid such varied backgrounds.

My philosophy on leadership is working together and never wavering from a common vision can be infectious and people will follow you. Leaders are transparent, honest, apply common sense, and listen to the community. Leaders act upon their words.

Council mandates will be followed if staff believes in their leadership. Providing that leadership is why I am running for a seat on council..


Norma McDougall

Councillor Candidate


My 32 years of business experience, dealing with staff, making decisions, dealing with the public, it has given me good leadership skills; this will  help me on council. I have been on numerous committees and have been the leader in a lot of cases, you need to tackle the issues or project, take charge and see the task through to the end. This is what council needs to do, and that is what I will do. We are a team, we need to work as a team and show our administration and staff that we are a team. We will not always agree with staff, and we will not always agree with each other, and we will vote different ways, but once the decision has been made, you get behind it, and move on together, as a team.



Margaret Mckie

Councillor Candidate

Some of the leadership skills I have are visibility in the community. I am easily accessible, approachable and have good communication skills, some of which I have improved on in my 6 years of council experience. I am a great advocate for the community having lived here all my life through economic booms and busts and I plan on retiring here in the community I love. At the council table I make my own decisions based on what I believe to be in the best interests of the community and although sometimes controversial  I will defend the ourcome. I have been Past president of the Sparwood Curling Club, Past President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Heart and Stroke volunteer and have supported several community groups throughout the years.


Ron (Sonny) Saad

Councillor Candidate


I believe the leadership skills I possess come from being directly and indirectly employed by the District of Sparwood for almost 40 years.  I also believe Sparwood has an incredible working relationship with all staff at all levels.  Our staff has all the aspects of fulfilling the mandate of council.  I do however believe that a council trying to micro manage can be more harmful than allowing it’s staff to do their business.







Rose Sharma

Councillor Candidate

I have been a leader in the community for many years. I am the president of the Sparwood Arts Council and have overseen the planning and implementation of many community events. I believe that municipal staff are a vital component to a well functioning District and that much can be achieved through co-operation and collaboration. Municipal staff  have to be responsive to the direction of Council and the needs of the residents of Sparwood. To ensure that staff are taking the direction of Council, I would do my homework and listen to my peers. With a thorough knowledge and understanding, I will guide the staff to implement council’s mandate. All problems are solvable with clear vision and the co-operation of all parties.



Muriel Stickney

Councillor Candidate


First of all, the council and the staff are a team.If members of council or staff are in conflict you can face three years of no progress.Besides being a business owner and manager I am a licensed life success coach and competent toastmaster. These skills and experiences help me to make myself clear when I express the needs of the council to the staff and resolve any conflicts that may arise. I am open minded, positive and I believe these leadership skills will provide the guidance and direction required by the senior staff to fulfil  the mandate of council.





Joanne Wilton

Councillor Candidate


Over the years I have held many leadership roles. I have taken courses/workshops such as conflict resolution, supervisiory skills, team building & risk management. There have been many occasions to use these and I have, in fact, trained adults across the East Kootenays in some of these leadership skills. I have excellent interpersonal commuication skills and am very approachable.

Although I do not believe in micro-managing, I would consider it the duty of the Town Council to insure that senior staff are fulfilling the terms of their employment, which would include following the mandate of council.