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Quite a bit to sneeze at this summer

Photo shared with The Free Press shows a lot of pollen on valley lake
Pollen accumulated on Grave Lake in the Elk Valley in early summer 2022. (Image courtesy of Ed Ehrler)

Spring is great for a lot of things – melting snow, blooming wildflowers, more personable weather – but it also brings with it a whole lot of pollen, which isn’t so great for those with allergies.

Elk Valley residents can’t have missed the Cottonwood pollen snowing down upon them and accumulating around their communities, and the yellow dust-like pollen that builds up on parked cars and flat surfaces is hard to miss.

It’s a bit late though – it has been summer for weeks.

In this pictured shared with The Free Press, the yellow pollen (which comes from trees like pine and spruce) has built up so much it’s formed a scum-like layer on top of Grave Lake in the Elk Valley.

It’s a spring-time tradition to sneeze at the pollen, but is it often this bad? Asking for a friend.

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