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Ron “Sonny” Saad to run for Sparwood council

Saad has served two terms on council so far, and said there was more to do
Ron “Sonny” Saad is running for a third term on Sparwood council in October 2022. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Sparwood councillor Ron “Sonny” Saad is going to run for a third term in the October.

“My heart’s in Sparwood,” he said in an interview with The Free Press. “I was born in Michel, and I’ve lived in Sparwood since 1962.”

Besides two previous terms on council between 2011 and 2014, and since 2018, Saad has spent a lot of time behind the curtain that is local government.

“I worked for the municipality directly and indirectly for 41 years,” he said. “I enjoyed the work, and I enjoy being on council and being part of decision making for the things that have gone on, whether I agreed with them or not.”

Saad said there was a lot of achievements over the last term that he wanted to see through – many of which he’d campaign for in the October election.

“I’m most proud of the fact that on the ballot will be the Multi-Purpose building … Sparwood needs that,” he said.

While he wasn’t involved with the advisory committee to guide the vision to a plan, Saad said he was proud of what the district was imagining, and wanted to help.

Saad also touched on the need for a new Fire Hall #2, which he supported, and said that he was proud to have served alongside his fellow councillors.

Going forward, Saad said there was more to do, hence his desire to serve another four years to help improve quality of life for locals, such as pushing for a long-term care facility and improved healthcare access.

“I would really like to see a long-term care facility in Sparwood, like they have in Fernie,” he said.

“Some of our local residents when they go in they have to go to Cranbrook. I have a friend where his father went to Cranbrook and his mother went to Vernon, and they never saw each other again.”

A straight-talker, Saad said he hoped to bring a “simplicity” to council thanks to his experience watching how everything worked.

“Because I worked for the municipality for so 35 years and watched it grow, I understand there’s new factions where everyone wants to try someone new, but if it doesn’t work I can be the voice of reason to go back to what we had.”

The municipal elections will be held on October 15.

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