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‘Sasquatch Egg’ boulder crashes onto Highway 7 near Harrison Mills

A few cars were damaged running through the hole left by the boulder

A six-foot boulder barreling down the mountain was a rude awakening for motorists in the Harrison Mills area on Wednesday (Oct. 27) morning.

Witness Russell Purcell posted a picture of the massive rock just off the Lougheed Highway west of the Sasquatch Inn. He called it a “Sasquatch Egg”

“Luckily, no vehicles or people were flattened,” Purcell wrote in a Facebook post. “At least they filled the hole.”

The boulder left a three-foot-wide hole in the road before it came to rest just off the shoulder. While some vehicles were able to avoid the hole before it was filled, others were not so lucky, like Corin Hamilton.

“My poor Ford Fusion,” she said. “Not really built to deep dive into a crater.”

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Kim Price drove straight into the hole that morning; it was still dark and raining at that time.

“I noticed this big thing on the left, then bam! Right over the boulder dent,” she wrote on Facebook. “Good thing I was in my truck. I don’t think my car could’ve weathered that. I couldn’t believe it.”

While the boulder likely tumbled on its own accord, Brandi Mae Lane suggested a more hair-raising possibility.

“I think Sasquatch hucked that boulder down from up on the cliff above!” she said.

“I heard that they are very upset about the lasst election results,” Chris Lepine joked.


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