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Sparwood Golf Club plans more family and youth programs for upcoming season

Club will host high school teams and make golf more affordable for families
Participants in the Elk Valley Parkinson’s Golf Fundraiser in Sparwood on June 4, 2022 (Kim Pryhitko / Seven Photography)

Sparwood Golf Club is gearing up for another exciting season of outdoor action, with plans to increase youth and family programs.

The club is opening its fairways and facilities to the public on April 28 — the first golf course in the Elk Valley to do so.

Management will focus on making golf more affordable for families and children this season, designating a few afternoons per week for family and junior golf packages, including free access to clubs and balls at the driving range and discounted admission.

This is part of a broader plan to encourage youth involvement in the sport. The club is interested in hosting high school golf teams and phys-ed classes this year, and it expressed interest in giving students from Sparwood Secondary School, Elkford Secondary School and Fernie Secondary School the opportunity to compete against one another.

“We’d like to get some competitions going, get the high schools in the area to play each other, just to see young people out there,” said treasurer and pro shop manager Norma McDougall.

Additionally, the club will offer a reduced golf price of $20 for men’s night on Monday, for ladies night on Wednesday and for senior’s day on Thursday.

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A team of contractors and volunteers worked on improvement projects during the winter months to ensure facilities are up-to-date for the new season. The Pro-Shop deck was rebuilt and a new storage shed was constructed to accommodate 32 new sets of donated golf clubs. The club purchased seven new power carts.

The clubhouse will see a makeover this spring, with a fresh coat of paint, newly updated power services, the addition of air conditioning and renovations to the barbeque area. McDougall said volunteers will head up the painting.

“We get such wonderful support through grants and donations from out town, she said. “We have a very giving town in Sparwood and everyone supports each other. We couldn’t do it if we didn’t have support.”

The golf club has a five-man ground crew who has provided excellent care of the course and has lent steadfast support.

“They keep the golf course like their front yard. They do such a wonderful job. They just keep it immaculate.”

Sparwood Golf Club offers a nine hole course with all-permanent greens, a driving range and a well-stocked pro shop. Over 8,000 rounds of golf were played last year and 22 tournaments were held. McDougall said they’re currently open for tournament bookings.

For updates on youth and family programs, follow Sparwood Golf Club’s Facebook page.


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