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Sparwood Golf Club reports good year of work and play

The club president updated the Sparwood council on their past year at the most recent council meeting

The Sparwood Golf Club enjoyed a positive year in 2020 despite the challenges of the pandemic and revitalization projects, according to club president Cal McDougall.

In a presentation to the District of Sparwood councillors, McDougall said that “despite the disadvantages of the beginning of the year, we did have a good year.”

On the pandemic and the impact on visitors, McDougall said it was an unknown. “We’re not sure if it helped us or hindered us, but it did keep a lot of people in town.”

The club worked hard to overcome the pandemic, a $30,000 debt from a previous management company and poorly greens and fairways, said McDougall, who reported there were approximately 5,140 hours of volunteer labour invested into the club over the season which saved the club over $100,000 in wages and labour.

Along with efforts to bring the courses back to health (to the tune of $116,911 in expenses to do so), the club also removed and replaced its deck at the club house, and purchased new tables and chairs with the help of generous donations from the District of Sparwood, Teck, and local businesses.

“We had great support from the community,” said McDougall, who thanks the District for its help in supporting the club.

The club also invested in leasing new golf carts and mowers.

“2020 was challenging but rewarding. The number of volunteers - including volunteering from non-members was amazing.”

Over the season, more than 7,000 rounds of golf were played at the Sparwood Golf Club - broken down to 3,912 regular green fee rounds and 3,402 membership user rounds.

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