Sparwood is a sea of colour during Arts and Culture Week

A week full of art and culture brings Sparwood to life.

Arts & Culture week began with a bright start as art began popping up all over the community. Many people began the week with A Taste Of Sparwood , trying samples of coffee, cupcakes, and more from local vendors. Rain barrel bidding is still underway this week, and art from our talented young student artists being displayed all over town.

Beautiful and intricate quilts made by grade 12 students  are hanging in windows at the Recreation Center, crafts are being sold at Greenwood Mall, artifacts are displayed in the District  Office. ethic artwork is displayed at the Seniors Drop In Center and much more.


With what is described as the best Arts & Culture week yet the community of Sparwood has turned into a rainbow of colours and beautiful sights for all to enjoy.


Arts & Culture still has many events and activities taking place as the week comes to a close.