Teck Coal facing charges

Teck Coal is facing charges stemming from a 2012 environmental issue at its Elkview operation.

Teck Coal has been notified of charges in relation to a 2012 incident at its Elkview operation. The charges have been filed under the Environmental Management Act and the Fisheries Act.

“Teck has been charged under the Environmental Management Act and Fisheries Act and that’s in relation to a discharge of water containing sediment as well as monitoring, reporting and construction practices,” said Chris Stannell, Teck’s senior communications specialist.

Stannell said that they are taking the charges “very seriously” and have reviewed the incident that caused the charges. “We have thoroughly reviewed the incident that took place in 2012 and we have taken a number of steps to prevent a reoccurrence,” Stannell said. Stannell said that certain measures were enacted to prevent a reoccurrence, such as alterations in procedure and employee training.

According to Stannell, “there was no human health risk associated with the 2012 incident at Elkview Operations and no indication of long-term adverse impacts to the environment.”

The Free Press will have more information on the charges as they are made available to us.