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Terry Fox Run in Sparwood is for everyone

Some younger people do not know the young man who ran an equivalent of a marathon a day after losing his leg to cancer.

Deb Jarvis is reviving the Terry Fox Run in Sparwood as she organizing the walk/run this year. On Sept 15 the run starts at 10am at the Sparwood Recreation Centre with registration at 9-10am with no defined registration fee.  There are three routes to chose from with a one kilometer kids and parent run, five km run and 10km run. It doesn’t matter if you run, walk, bike, roller blade, or skateboard. Strollers and Chariots are all welcome too. The one-kilometer route will be three times around the track. If all you can do is one lap around the track, that’s OK. The five km route is a loop that can be done twice for the 10 km route.

“I have a girlfriend organizing a Terry Fox Run in Dubai so she told me to get on it,” said Jarvis. “The Terry Fox Foundation (TFF) makes it easy (to organize the run) as they provide organizers with an incredible package. The district (of Sparwood) has been really great too.”

“The entire event is by donation. There is no registration fee and all funds raised go to the Terry Fox Foundation. Eighty-four cents per dollar raised goes directly to cancer research.”

There will be snack and beverages after the event, which were generously donated by Cummins and Teck.

Come join the millions who have supported the Terry Fox Foundation all over the world. Terry wanted the run to be open for everyone.

To volunteer at the registration table or be part of the road crew from 9 to 11 am, please contact Deb Jarvis at (778) 518-2248. For more information on the Terry Fox Foundation and Terry’s incredible Marathon of Hope, go to