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The Ford Opening - The Free Press Turns 115 years Old

The Ford Opening - The Free Press Turns 115 years Old

January 27  1928

Free Press Files

Mr. Dicks, local Ford Dealer, has issued invitations to the first showing of the new car in his showrooms on January 31st, February 2nd and 3rd. The people of Fernie are in for a real surprise. This new car is a very conclusive bit of evidence that the Ford Motor Co. has anticipated the needs and desires of Canadas motorists for a long way into the future as they did when the Model T was introduced in 1908. In performance under all conditions, speed, riding comfort, roadability, ease of control, flexibility, and the other points on which cars are judged, the new car performs astonishingly, even when compared to expensive cars. The details which to date have been looked upon as “big car” features have been included by the Ford Motor Company of Canada in the New Car, said Mr. Dicks, yet the Ford genius for precision in quantity production, unequalled in the world, have placed the car within the reach of every purse.

We want the people of Fernie and district to feel free to visit our showroom and inspect the car, Mr. Dicks declared. Our service policies will apply not only to the New Car, but to all Model T’s now being operated.

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