A train greasing zone south of Fernie

Train greasing zone prompts complaints

The Elk River Watershed Alliance raised concern over a Canadian Pacific railway site near Fernie after receiving disturbing images.

The Elk River Watershed Alliance (ERA) raised concern over what was initially thought to be an oil spill on the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway tracks next to the Elk River and in proximity to the tunnel south of Fernie on Highway 3, after a local submitted disturbing photos of the litter left behind.

The photos included images of the tracks covered in a clear looking substance and buckets disposed of in the nearby ditch adjacent to the Elk River.

A CP representative, confirmed that the debris and substance left at that site was in fact from the wheels of the train being greased.

“This is part of normal train operations and we will have our track maintenance crew clean the build-up of oil and address the area in general,” CP Public Affairs & Communications representative Salem Woodrow said. “CP takes pride in keeping our railway clean and ensuring the proper disposal of all debris.”