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Vandalism reported at a local nativity scene

Four unidentified people vandalized a nativity scene outside a church in Fernie on Dec. 30.
Footage from a security camera at the Holy Family Church shows the four people vandalizing a nativity scene on Dec. 30. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Church or the RCMP.

Recent vandalism at a local nativity scene has sparked a local church to ask for information from the community. The nativity scene at the Holy Family Church was vandalized over the holidays.

On Dec. 30 at 2:25 a.m., four people vandalized the nativity scene outside of the church. A security camera caught the incident on tape.

“Four people approached the outside nativity scene and tried to open the front of the display.  Failing that, they managed to put a hole in the top of the screen and dug the snow from under the front of the nativity scene,” said Robert Greene of the Holy Family Church.

One person reached into the nativity scene and pulled out the Baby Jesus figure while another was documenting it on a smart phone. The Baby Jesus figure is still missing.

“They then ran off past the Anglican Church and disappeared from view,” said Greene. “If anyone has any information about this incident would you please call 250-423-6127 or return the Baby Jesus to the church.”