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May 29, 1945 - August 4, 2023
In loving memory ~
David Pointon was born in Fernie, B.C., to Anne and Norman Pointon on May 29th, 1945. David was the youngest of ten children. He is survived by several beloved nieces, nephews and cousins, his sister, Dorothy Uyeyama (nee: Pointon), and a lifetime of dear friends from around the world. David's unabashed joie de vivre led him on many adventures, but Nanaimo, B.C., was his forever home. For decades he was most content relaxing in his overstuffed easy chair (Big Easy) while gazing out across the oceanic waters of Departure Bay. It was here that he filled countless pages of a living history journal, told stories to visitors in person and on the telephone, and where he would end his days. A more perfect storybook ending could not be written. David lives on in the hearts of his family and many, many friends. His kindness and generosity were matched by his wit and ability to turn a phrase into a "Dave-ism" of wisdom, hope, and satire:
"By hook, or by crook, or by cheque book"
"Oh happy day"
"They ought to write a song about that"
"Where the bear sh*ts in the buckwheat"
"It's not that I am whining, but..."
"Back in the day..."
"My dear Anne and Norman wouldn't like that."
"It's milk or bread, but it can't be both"
"And that's why God made Jaffray"