An unwelcome development

There is a proposed re-zoning of 40 acres beside the Chamber of Commerce building in the community plan.

My family and I wish to inform Fernie residents about a proposed re-zoning of the community plan. Believing Fernie-ites may not be aware that this beautiful 40 acres behind and beside the Chamber of Commerce building, through the old Little Witch Log Inn, up behind Dicken Road on Brickers Road is about to be completely destroyed. Destroyed in the name of development.

Now zoned for commercial use, a small group of developers from Alberta want it re-zoned so they can build 300 multi-family dwellings, three, maybe four stories high. This sort of development should be concentrated in the core of the City of Fernie, not on the outskirts in a rural setting.

Enjoyed for 30 years now, our quaint quiet neighbourhood would cease to exist. The building, traffic and noise may force us out. We have wonderful neighbours who will be drastically affected. We want to stay here in the rural peace we know. We love our neighbourhood, the town of Fernie and the people.

Have they done a traffic study or an environmental impact study? This area is a well known wildlife corridor. The salt licks and animal homes will all be destroyed. There are also well used beautiful hiking trails throughout the property. Will there be a condition that they preserve and maintain the hiking and biking trails as the Official Community Plan requires?

This kind of building immediately on the other side of our rural zoning will greatly reduce our property value, ruin our view of the Lizard Range, and destroy the quiet Brickers Road where we walk our dogs every day.

If you disagree with another condo town being built here in Fernie, please come out to the City Council meeting on Monday, March 10 at 7 pm and show or voice your disapproval.

Cathy Smith-Clark

Fernie, B.C.