Fernie forum has clear winner

Although I went there intending to vote for Bill Bennett, I did not expect such a total lack of knowledge from the local NDP challenger.

I attended the all candidates forum in Fernie and although I went there intending to vote for Bill Bennett, I did not expect such a total lack of knowledge from the local NDP challenger. One of the questions was “How will you contribute to the economic drivers of your community?” Mr Bennett talked about ensuring that Teck Coal can continue to operate against the selenium challenge, finding money for fixing our highways and keeping taxes low. The NDP candidate said she would “shop local”. She then proceeded to claim that the HST drove all businesses out of B.C. She clearly does not understand fundamental economics and how much a value-added tax helps any business: forestry, mining, construction, tourism, manufacturing or small business and does not understand how getting rid of HST has put B.C. business at a competitive disadvantage with Ontario and Alberta. Next was her incredible claim that the 1990s were a golden period for B.C. I started and operated a small business during the 1990s, and times were very lean. There was virtually no construction activity, few visitors, no tourism economy and the local coal mines were struggling to remain in business. Not once in 10 years did our local NDP MLA meet with small business, visit our businesses or ask us how to create jobs or to build a prosperous community or economy. Bill Bennett is always available for any non-profit group, citizen or business. The NDP decade of decline is now used as a case study in business schools to teach students how poor government policy can quickly take a strong economy and turn it into a weak economy. When asked about standing up to her party if the NDP wanted to put a park in the Flathead, she replied, “I am only one vote”. Bill Bennett said “no”. To top it all off, the NDP candidate just kept promising to spend money, hundreds of millions of our tax dollars. She had no clue where the NDP would get that money, but she did ridicule Mr Bennett because he is proud of having the lowest personal income taxes in Canada and having a strong credit rating especially compared to governments in Spain and Greece. It is clear, the NDP will find the $3 billion Mr. Dix has promised from higher taxes on individual citizens, small businesses and corporations. If I ever had any doubt about voting for Bill Bennett, it is long gone now. Going back to an NDP government like their 1990s is not “change for the better.”


Mike Delich