Letter: the other side of vaccination

In response to your latest editorial, I’d like to take this opportunity to present the other side of the vaccine issue.

In response to your latest editorial, I’d like to take this opportunity to present the other side of the vaccine issue. As a passionate researcher on this topic since 1977 and with approximately 50 children in our extended family who have led a very healthy vaccine and drug free life, I feel well-informed on this topic. The majority of parents who have made an informed decision not to vaccinate their children do this not out of fear of adverse vaccine reactions, but out of the knowledge that the human body is capable of fighting off diseases naturally. Our bodies were certainly not created with a lack of vaccines!

You claimed that “In Canada, immunization has saved more lives in the last 50 years than any other health intervention.” What is the source of this information? The multitude of graphs from the medical literature indicate very clearly that in North America, in the early half of the 1900’s, even when vaccines were not yet available, ALL the infectious diseases were declining rapidly, due to greatly improved sanitation programs, water treatment, garbage disposal and refrigeration. In the mid 1900‘s, once vaccines started being introduced, the drop continued at exactly the same rate. The vaccine industry was fortunate enough to have entered into the market at a time when infectious diseases were already declining nicely. They very cleverly took the credit for the continuing decline and let the public know how wonderful they were. Coincidentally, they also started their multi-billion dollar vaccine industry, basing their marketing on tactics of fear.

You subsequently refer to several measles and whooping cough outbreaks that have recently occurred in B.C. and elsewhere in the world. Unlike the distorted reporting of the mainstream media, which often seems to blame the unvaccinated individuals as the cause of these outbreaks, there is valid evidence that these outbreaks are happening in highly vaccinated populations and in some cases in fully vaccinated schools (references available upon request). It should also be noted that we (the ‘anti-vaxers as we’re often called) have never claimed, and never will claim, that we or our children will never get these diseases (mumps, measles, whooping cough, etc.). What we do claim, however, is that if we do happen to contract the disease, our bodies will deal with it more effectively than through artificial vaccination.

It is often the parents, who after having had their child suffer or die from a vaccine reaction, who have such a passion to expose the truth that they start one of the many websites, blogs, and organizations that advocate natural immunity by saying NO to vaccines. It is interesting to note that the “anti-vaxers” have no money to gain by telling their story and trying to reach out to the masses. However, it is quite clear that the vaccine industry or anyone else who is tied in to the vaccine machine all have a lot to gain financially. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars in the U.S. and Canada each year lobbying the governments. Who profits if we in fact reach a 95 per cent vaccination rate in the population? Follow the money trail!

(Due to length restrictions, look for part two of this letter in next week’s The Free Press)

I urge you to truly do your research on both sides of this issue. Then and only then can you truly make an informed decision! Be brave, step out of the “Matrix” of the health care industry and get fully informed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this article or would like more information, I would truly love to speak to you. Please contact me through the editor, or you can attend my next free Vaccine Awareness Talk, which will take place at the lobby of Silver Rock on Thursday, May 22, at 7:30 pm.

Robert Champagne

Fernie, B.C.