Letter to the editor: Clarification on Sparwood’s New To You

A letter to the editor on the formation of New To You.

When Westar shut down, New to You, along with a number of churches and different organizations, started to provide Christmas food hampers.  With a growing need in the early 1990s and with a lack of space, the New to You asked the existing food bank, which operated out of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, to relieve it of that particular role. It would continue to provide funding towards the cost of hampers and New to You continued to support the food bank while it was in the church.

In 2002 the food bank moved out of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and the Sparwood Food Bank was formed and became a society and registered charity in its own right. Since that time, New to You has continued to provide financial support to the food bank.

New to You

Judy Lindley