Pack mentality

I have been anxiously waiting to read the letters to the editor regarding the Pit Bull issue that took place in Elkford.

For the past few issues, I have been anxiously waiting to read the letters to the editor regarding the Pit Bull issue that took place in Elkford above Ash Crescent (aka Phase 5; aka Middletown) on or about February 2.

I would like to mention, I have always had a healthy fear of dogs stemmed from my childhood when evidently they can “smell your fear” and will cross the street to take a nip at me. “He’s just saying hello.” “He likes you.” “Oh my, he never did that before.” Honoured – I am sure!

The first thing I did when I read the original letter was check the bylaws online. The bylaw says that all dogs must be leashed when on public roadways or property. It goes on to explain that a leash is a line, thong, or chain used for the purpose of restraining a dog, no more than 183 centimeters in length and made of material of sufficient strength to restrain the animal.

If my math is right, my understanding is there were a total of eight unleashed dogs in the story? Whether the victim dog was leashed or not likely would not have changed the outcome of what took place. What would have changed the outcome is if all owners were aware of the bylaw – which goes on to say, the owner of a restricted dog shall keep it muzzled and on a leash while the dog is not on the lands or premises of the owner. It lists a restricted dog is a Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier or any dog of mixed breeding which includes any of these breeds.

I live on Galbraith Drive and I see many pet owners walk past my house every day. I know that families love their pets and they are always shocked and dismayed when something does happen and the authorities step in. I sent an email to the bylaw officer February 9 after reading the initial letter in The Free Press. I suggested that perhaps something should be printed in The Free Press, Elkford Focus or District of Elkford newsletter advising people of the bylaw – since I have not had a response and have so far seen nothing in The Free Press relating to that, I am only to assume he has been very busy answering all the other emails he has received regarding this incident. Elkford has many weekend visitors and not all are going to read the bylaws whether it is pet, dirt bike, ATV or snowmobile. “It’s only Elkford”.

It is sad to see what happens when any animal is unleashed in a pack. A prime example is what happened in Vancouver at the Stanley Cup riots. Many otherwise rational, average, every day people with children, parents, careers and bills to pay got caught up in the moment that left them going viral on YouTube, leaving employers and family members shaking their heads and saying “He/she never did that before”.


Merle Dyck

Elkford –