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Bikers blitz sale for secondhand gear and BMX track proposed

In addition to a sale for used biking equipment, a BMX track is also being proposed for construction in Fernie.
Fernie BMX committee chairman Ryan Schultz is proposing a BMX trail near Montane — to be fully completed by spring 2016.

The Bike Blitz sale hosted a crowd of bikers wheeling in to pick up secondhand equipment and gear at the Elks Hall on Saturday, May 23.

“People can bring in their used biking gear and put it up for sale and the club takes a commission on the sales. The proceeds of that commission goes towards supporting the biking community in Fernie like the trails and education around the city,” explained Fernie Mountain Bike Club (FMBC) President Angela Etheridge. “It’s also a great way to recycle biking equipment,” she added.

Reception to the sale was great according to Etheridge and there was a busy shuffle of bikers upon the sales start to get the best of the equipment.

A barbeque was also hosted outside the Elks Hall by the FMBC.

In addition to hosting the sale, Fernie BMX committee chairman Ryan Schultz was also on hand with a presentation on a proposed BMX track to be constructed in Fernie.

Built upon the success of the dirt bike track, the proposed BMX track will be located near the Montane site and the Old Barn.

The track is being designed by the national BMX coach of Cycling Canada Adam Muys.

The track will be available for riding by Fall 2015 with additional paving and finishing touches to complete the track for Spring 2016.

Construction will come at a $200,000 price tag to Fernie BMX, $50,000 of which has been pledged with soil by Parastone Development — owner of the land upon which the track will be built.

“It’s a win-win situation for us because they have to haul the dirt somewhere and instead of them moving it very far, it can instead be used to develop the track,” said Schultz.

Schultz said that plans are in place for Fernie to host provincial race series between B.C. and Alberta by 2017 and national championships by 2020.

“We’re planning on hosting smaller races during the summer of 2016 with locals before jumping straight into trying to host a provincial race,” explained Schultz.

Schultz said that a major draw to the track is that the sport of BMX attracts more families and thus more people to watch races pan out.

“BMX racing is very family-oriented as it targets riders aged 5-15. Those riders will generally require their parents to be with them. So for every rider in a race, they’ll be bringing along more people with them and more attention,” he said.

Schultz added, “One of the best things about BMX racing is that there is no other sport like it where racers of varying experience levels can intermingle. At any given event there are beginners, intermediates and pros — and of all ages. You can have kid beginners riding right alongside adult professionals and it makes for a really incredible atmosphere at races.”

Schultz noted that Fernie BMX is looking for someone to assist in spearheading future fundraising efforts for the project. Those interested can contact Schultz directly via telephone at 250-423-0756 or make contact through the Fernie BMX website at