Fernie Nordic Society race

Thirty-four bunny rabbits and jack rabbits were at the second Annual Community Race last Saturday.

Snowy fun at the Nordic race

Snowy fun at the Nordic race

By Kerri Holmes


Thirty-four bunny rabbits and jack rabbits were at the start line of the Fernie Nordic Society’s (FNS) second Annual Community Race last Saturday.

Children aged three to 12 hopped from foot to foot, eager to stride upon the trails at the Fernie Golf Course.

There were nearly 60 participants in all. Adults chose either skate or classic technique and had the option of a short course 3.6km or long 7.2km.

Ian Henze, Chief Groomer for the FNS, had begun preparing the racecourse extra early due to the heavy snowfall. And the snow continued to fall steadily throughout the event lending a touch of magic and charm, as did a surprise appearance of the Griz. Some participants had donned costumes. There was a mini-sized Batman, a fairy, a boy sporting Mohawk hair, Superman, a disco diva in conical hat and matching cape, and a princess. Indeed the atmosphere was festive around the Clubhouse of the Fernie Golf Course, home base of the FNS and location of their weekly cross-country ski program for children. Racers put in remarkable efforts and were rewarded by appreciative spectators, family and friends. All celebrated with a hot chili lunch provided by CP Catering.

For complete results, more about the Fernie Nordic Society and the Jackrabbit program, check website www.fernienordic.com



Bunnyrabbits 3-5 years

1st Wyatt Weber

2nd Cohen Hide

3rd Nicola Jones


Bunnyrabbits 6-8 years 800 metres

1st Clara Traverse

2nd Emily Milne

3rd Loic Weber


Jackrabbits 9-11 years 800 metres

1st Elliott Burt

2nd Brent Thibodeau

3rd Alexander Johnson


Jackrabbits 1.8km

1st Evan Traverse                         17:21

2nd Annika Traverse             17:22

3rd Maelle Weber                        17:26


Male Skate 7.2km

1st Jeff  Williams                        40:07

2nd Clark Weber                        45:22

3rd Malcolm Lennox            46:42

4th Bruce Lennox                         52:09


Female Skate 7.2km

1st Jean Boyd                                     50:10

2nd Heather Kerr                         57:57


Female Skate  3.6km

1st Annie Duciaume                        40:05

2nd Jennifer Thibodeau                        42:18


Male Classic 7.2km

1st Paul Traverse                        1:25:25


Male Classic 3.6km

1st Alain Stahl                                    33:57

2nd Darren Milne                        40:42

3rd Ma4hieu Corriveau            56:33

4th Bob Holmes                        1:07:00


Female Classic 7.2km

1st Keri Cheeves                        1:16:07


Female Classic 3.6km

1st Virginia Robinson            35:09

2nd Roxanne Esch                        36:43

3rd Judy McMahon                        46:26

4th Micheline Picard            50:17

5th Maryjane Soetaert            57:57

5th Shannon Milne                        57:57

6th Shiho Hatori                         1:15:57