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Greatest curler of all time presents to Fernie crowd

Olympic curler Kevin Martin made an appearance in Fernie to shine light on his career in the sport.
Retired Olympian Kevin Martin appeared at the Fernie Museum last weekend as part of the museum's “Road to the Olympics” program series.

Considered to be the greatest curler of all time, retired Olympian Kevin Martin made his way to the Fernie Museum last weekend as part of the museums “Road to the Olympics” program series.

Coinciding with the annual Griz Days celebration, just over a dozen attendees viewed the museums exhibit, while listening to Martin’s engaging speech about his own road to success.

Competing in three Winter Olympics and one World Championship, Martin’s 30 year career began in Killiam, Alberta, a town Martin said had a population of just under 200 while he was growing up.

“If you’re the best curler in a school of 35 people, really how good are? Martin joked, noting that as a child growing up in a small town he had the advantage of playing several different sports.

Martin said that experiencing a wide variety of sports at a young age is important for the growth of athletes because they quickly realize what sports they excel in.

“The majority of top athletes are from small towns,” Martin said.

Holding records for the most Olympic victories with 20 total wins in the Olympics, Martin showcased his gold and silver medals during his presentation, passing them through the audience.

Standing behind his own Gordon Milne portrait, Martin told stories about his experience in the Olympics, while not forgetting to pay gratitude to the artist behind the exhibit, who he said captured his expression.

“I can see in the eyes that he actually caught my personality and that has never happened before,” Martin said of Milne’s portrait. “To be able to catch a person’s inside is completely different from catching the outside.”

The Olympic presentation will continue this weekend with cross-country skier Beckie Scott heading to Fernie on Saturday.