Joe Varosi softball tournament

The Has Beens (red jerseys) and the Wanna Be's (grey jerseys) played each other at the third memorial ball tournament for Joe Varosi.

Joe Varosi ball tournament 2013

Joe Varosi ball tournament 2013

The rain did not deter the Has Beens and Wanna Be’s as they competed in the third annual Joe Varosi softball tournament in Fernie this afternoon.

Spirits were high and the jokes were flowing as the two teams donned their new red and grey team jerseys before the game began at Prentice Park on September 7.

“The Has Beens are a team of people mostly 50 years old and most of us knew Joe,” said organizer Dave Harrington. “The Wanna Be’s are more of a twenty something brew team with the Fernie Hotel.”

The jokes were flying as the Wanna-be’s asked if there was a shuttle arranged in case the Has Beens needed a lift to the hospital 300 meters away. Taking it stride, the Has Beens said they could back a truck up to the Wanna Be’s dug out.

A barbecue is being held at the Fernie Hotel starting at 5 pm.

Players are asking for donations from friends to support cancer research. Harrington estimates they have raised $2000 this year. Joe Varosi passed away three years ago from cancer at the age of 52. All funds raised will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.