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Local athletes ready for BC Summer Games

Twenty-four athletes from the Elk Valley and South Country will compete at the 2018 BC Summer Games.
Olivia Howse is one of 24 local athletes who will compete in the 2018 BC Summer Games. Phil McLachlan/The Free Press

Twenty-four young athletes from the Elk Valley and South Country will represent the Kootenays at the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games this week.

They will compete in five sports, from athletics to softball, and be supported by three adults, including coaches.

A total of 2373 athletes from across the province will participate in the Games, which will feature 18 different sports and be held at Cowichan, Vancouver Island, from July 19-22.

The BC Summer Games has been a stepping stone for many athletes who have gone on to compete at a higher level in events such as the Canada Games and Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Elk Valley and South Country contingent includes athletes from Fernie (11), Elkford (4), Jaffray (7) and Sparwood (2).

For up-to-date results, visit the BC Summer Games website.

See below for a full list of local participants.

Elkford: Grace Bohn (Volleyball-Beach), Jaida Clarkson (Volleyball-Girls), Haylee Reed (Volleyball-Girls), Phillisa Tracey (Volleyball-Girls).

Sparwood: Kally Campbell (Volleyball-Girls), Kourtney Holberton (Volleyball-Girls).

Fernie: Makenzy Pratt (Athletics), Morgan Trand (Athletics), Nicola Bell (Soccer-Girls), Piper Whelan (Soccer-Girls), Aidan Chudleigh (Swimming Assistant Coach), Olivia Howse (Swimming), Avery Sikkes (Swimming), Leah Soetaert (Swimming), Jack Hozjan (Volleyball-Boys), Isaac Pumphrey (Volleyball-Boys), Connor Will (Volleyball-Boys), Lauryn Sims (Volleyball-Girls).

Jaffray: Cassidy Boehm (Athletics), Erin Boehm (Athletics Adult Supervisor), Cole Dudley (Athletics), Belle Boehm (Softball-Girls), Sydney Anne Fahselt (Softball-Girls), Robyn Anderson (Volleyball-Beach Head Coach), Darren Johnson (Volleyball-Boys), Marc Johnson (Volleyball-Boys), Elliot Jones (Volleyball-Boys).