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Scott Thursday Night Race Series overall results

The route changes but the fun times stay the same.
Fernie Alpine Resort hosts the Scott Thursday Night Race Series until the end of August. Ready

Feeling fast? Come out and show your mountain biking stuff every Thursday evening at Fernie Alpine Resort. Scroll down to see the updated results.

Thursday Night Race Series
Overall Point Standings
NameCategoryJuly 4July 11July 18July 25Aug 1Aug 8Aug 15Aug 22Aug 29Total Pts
Lindsay McDermidAdult Female (18-39)5101227
Stephanie HansenAdult Female (18-39)88824
Simone BourassaAdult Female (18-39)91322
Tara PrefontaineAdult Female (18-39)7714
Michelle ArseneaultAdult Female (18-39)7613
Michelle ThorneAdult Female (18-39)6612
Aja PhilpAdult Female (18-39)1010
Zuzhna PapezovaAdult Female (18-39)99
Jaclyn GalbraithAdult Female (18-39)55
Heather LaversAdult Female (18-39)44
Rosellen MunroeAdult Female (18-39)5
Luke NelsonAdult Male (18-39)81119
Dylan SiggersAdult Male (18-39)9817
Justin BohnAdult Male (18-39)7714
Ross RosengraveAdult Male (18-39)11213
Conrad SpringAdult Male (18-39)1010
André VolardAdult Male (18-39)1010
Patrick FaganAdult Male (18-39)1010
Iain MayAdult Male (18-39)369
Cody MacArthurAdult Male (18-39)99
Steve MeyerAdult Male (18-39)77
Jordan EichornAdult Male (18-39)1517
Derek BirdAdult Male (18-39)66
Ryland NelsonAdult Male (18-39)1236
George GordonAdult Male (18-39)1146
Gui BoutetAdult Male (18-39)1416
Aiden JonesAdult Male (18-39)66
Ben WalkerAdult Male (18-39)55
Henry BarrettAdult Male (18-39)145
Mike StephenAdult Male (18-39)55
Jan SiposAdult Male (18-39)44
Kurt CrowderAdult Male (18-39)44
Craig PrefontaineAdult Male (18-39)1113
Jess GrunertAdult Male (18-39)1113
Ryley DavidAdult Male (18-39)33
Mike FastAdult Male (18-39)22
Stew GreigAdult Male (18-39)112
Josh ForsgrenAdult Male (18-39)112
Richard FraserAdult Male (18-39)112
Matt Van KoughnettAdult Male (18-39)112
Craig ZurowskiAdult Male (18-39)112
Graham GordonAdult Male (18-39)22
Travis RoesnerAdult Male (18-39)11
Tyler RosnerAdult Male (18-39)11
Jon EdwardsAdult Male (18-39)11
Tim NakonecznyAdult Male (18-39)11
Scott SackettAdult Male (18-39)11
Brook BowdenAdult Male (18-39)11
Shea FogwinAdult Male (18-39)11
Caleb LloydAdult Male (18-39)11
Landon MadragaAdult Male (18-39)11
Jason CoxAdult Male (18-39)11
Nic McLarenAdult Male (18-39)11
Chris SmithAdult Male (18-39)11
Zare NealAdult Male (18-39)11
Chris StuartAdult Male (18-39)11
Eric NicolsonAdult Male (18-39)11
Dylan Nazer-LambAdult Male (18-39)11
Sam GoodisonKids Male (8-12)10101030
Kathy MurrayMaster Female (40+)1010
Colleen DunnMaster Female (40+)1010
Stephen BrownMaster Male (40+)10101030
Matt CurtisMaster Male (40+)99
Thomas DunnMaster Male (40+)99
Jeff JonesMaster Male (40+)88
Seth AmundsenYouth Male (13-17)910827
Nik DunnYouth Male (13-17)61319
Dylan AthertonYouth Male (13-17)9918
Wil LeMoineYouth Male (13-17)8715
Fred FischerYouth Male (13-17)7613
Julien BernardYouth Male (13-17)1010
Garrett EsquirolYouth Male (13-17)8210
JJ GoodisonYouth Male (13-17)549
Till MackYouth Male (13-17)55
Blake PlummerYouth Male (13-17)44
Peter DunnYouth Male (13-17)33
Owen PollockYouth Male (13-17)11