District of Sparwood flags out front of Sparwood municipal offices. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Sparwood election candidates declared

Voters will go to the polls on October 15 to pick between two mayor candidates and nine council candidates

Nominations are closed, and Sparwood is set for contested mayoral and councillor races in the 2022 general election.

The Free Press reaches out to all candidates running in the elections, and below is a list of all candidates and profiles that have been completed.

There are two candidates for mayor, with incumbent mayor David Wilks going up against a political returnee, Hungry Baytaluke, who previously served on Sparwood council from 1996-2002, and again in 2005-2008, and a third time in 2011-2014. He ran for mayor in 2014, and came third (of four).

Baytaluke has also nominated for Regional District of East Kootenay Area A director, and for the Southeast Kootenay (SD5) school board.

Wilks on the other hand has served as mayor from 2005-2011, and since 2018, with a break to serve as MP for Kootenay-Columbia between 2011 and 2015.

Hungry Baytaluke: Profile coming soon.

David Wilks: Wilks throws his hat into the ring for another term as Sparwood’s mayor (April 11)

On council, two of the six incumbents are stepping back. The four incumbents running are a mix of political experience, and each spoke highly of the work completed so far, telling The Free Press there was more to do.

There are five political newcomers in the race, each of them with no prior political experience, but deep ties to Sparwood.

Those candidates without profiles will have profiles completed soon.

Sam Atwal: Profile coming soon.

John Baher: Profile coming soon.

Amy Cardozo: Amy Cardozo to run for second term on Sparwood council (August 25)

Jason Christensen: Jason Christensen to seek second term as Sparwood councillor (September 9)

Steven Kallies: Profile coming soon.

Ralph Lovatt: Ralph Lovatt running for Sparwood council

Chris Nand: Chris Nand to run for a seat on Sparwood council (September 5)

Sonny Saad: Ron “Sonny” Saad to run for Sparwood council (July 21)

Rose Sharma: Profile coming soon.

This list is exhaustive, but those on it may not stay on it, as all candidates have a week to formally withdraw. The election campaign formally begins on September 17, and continues on to election day on October 15.

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